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The genesis
It all began during a trip to Japan in 2018. In a small boutique nestled in the heart of Kyoto, I discovered an object that changed my perspective: an object made of diatomite, a material I had never seen before. This discovery was a true revelation. There, in this traditional setting, I experienced firsthand a perfect alliance between functionality and respect for nature.
The bold first steps.
With this inspiration, I created our first product: the diatomite bath mat, closely followed by the soap holder. To my great surprise, these innovations have met with resounding success, affirming that the world is ready to welcome products that combine aesthetics, ecology, and functionality.
The exploration continues.
Guided by passion and the encouragement of our growing community, we stepped into the kitchen by launching the diatomite dish drainer. The feedback has been phenomenal, with each feedback reinforcing our conviction to continue down this path.
The bold expansion
After a year of rich research and development, we are proud to now reach several areas of the home. Whether it's in the kitchen, living room, or even with our loyal four-legged companions, Moonstone is now an essential part.

Our team

Our Values


Moonstone is committed to using natural materials, such as diatomite, which is a renewable resource, and minimizing its impact on the environment throughout the manufacturing process.


Each product is carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, guaranteeing a pleasant and long-lasting experience in the bathroom.


Moonstone is constantly looking for new ways to leverage the unique properties of diatomite to create innovative and functional products that meet the changing needs of customers.

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